Still going well this year. – Anyone else starting to wondering how long this run will last?

Current holding as shown in the trades table showing a running profit of £1600 this morning. – That along with the realised profit. is a gain of 16% in just over 6 weeks. Good start to the year.

Coastal energy CEO up 31% and IP Group both showing profits of around 30%. Both holds with potential for more profit. – IP Group in particular, so much potential.

No real sales this week other than a quick sell and buy in Gulf Keystone GKP. – The usual viral hype followed a similarly normal retrace provided a nice opportunity. I was glad to get back in at 314p after selling for 332.5p for a nice £100 in the bank.

Anyone who followed the blog back in 2010 may be interested to know that I am back in XEL within my SIPP. – Would be very interested in your thoughts on this company, – They look cheap to me and I am considering adding some to the website portfolio.