It’s nearly 2012 and time to start with a fresh year of trading. This year I am starting with trading account and a pot of £8000 to invest. This years resolution is to keep Dailytrading up to date and to make every effort to post trades on the same day they were made.

As it’s a new year, I have created a new trades table In the same fashion as last year, profits will be posted in green and losses in red.

I should also re-iterate that Dailytrading trading is purely a means for me to record my trades and my reasoning. – All opinions expressed here on Dailytrading are purely my opinions and should not be taken as advice!

With that out of the way I can move on to the first trades. For the first few trades of the year I am looking for some quick wins. The criteria were, companies with good future potential that were volatile enough to provide some potential quick gains.

Buys last week:

Coastal energy, GB Group, Yule Catto, Domino’s Pizza, Indigo Vision group and Gulf Keystone Petroleum.

I made a few quick sells last week to realise a little profit. Indigo Vision Group being the biggest gainer. I was tempted to get back in here but the enormous director buys that have been going on over the last week are overshadowed by a power struggle going on within the company. – This one could go either way.

I would quite like to get back into Yule Catto, Expecting a slight retrace so have set a buy order that may or may not trigger! I have another buy order set for IP group.

More to come, – merry Xmas!